Excited by the BMW i3

Caveats: Not driven an i3 and no idea of costings.

BMW have been testing their electric 1 series in the UK with reasonable success (batteries in the cold aside) and the i3 is an exciting prospect. Ok, it’s not going to set the world on fire with its looks, performance and range but……. Consider a World where the i3 (and its rivals) is/are common place.

Clever electric vehicles with smaller foot prints and charge points in parking will change the way we shop, commute and think about cars. This has to be part of the future and it’s exciting to think the i3 will be released this year! Price and range will determine if it’s a viable option to replace our One series. Hoping Ocean BMW Falmouth will get one in for test driving. I thought the One series twin turbo diesel lump was futuristic but that’s now looking a bit long in the tooth.

As a devoted petrol-head my dream garage has plenty of room for the i3 and its successors. Hopefully freeing up precious petrol/resources for weekend toys and dream machines. Now come on BMW, announce that new 1m coupe and please let it hammer the price of the existing one. The current 1m residuals are no good to me.

BMW i3
The Future?
BMW 116de
On the way out?

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