Race of Remembrance, 2021: The Video

In November 2021 I took part in the Race of Remembrance [RoR]. In a Mission Motorsport C1 donated by Bad Obsession Motorsport [BOM]: YouTubers and creators of the infamous Project Binky. To coincide with the announcement of the RoR 2022 dates, BOM released their video of our race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkbQuPT9Kog Please donate to this awesome cause: … Continue reading Race of Remembrance, 2021: The Video

Race of Remembrance, 2021

Race of Remembrance 2019 ended with a bang... Third time lucky! 2019's Race of Remembrance [RoR] ended with a literal bang. Before my first stint, the owner of the car lost it into Rocket and crashed heavily into the marshal post. Thankfully, he walked away with only a broken shoulder. It was a BIG ONE! … Continue reading Race of Remembrance, 2021

Race three, round three: Third time lucky?

Update: Northern Delboy & Rodney were actually Ben and Twigg from Vtec Direct Motorsport MSV EnduroKA - https://www.enduroka.co.uk/ Snetterton hosted round two of MSV's EnduroKA series. The temptation of a 12-hour race competed with it being a long way to drive another unknown circuit. If others were keen it was on. A sense of ease was released … Continue reading Race three, round three: Third time lucky?

DN10 – Sticking to even numbers

Post DN10 (Destination Nurburgring 10) depression and work have kept me sufficiently busy that this post is now inversely proportional lateness to its relevance. It's also melodramatic... 75% happy to have been able to attend DN6, 8 and now 10. 25% sad an imminent grown up things mean this may be my last DN and Nurburgring … Continue reading DN10 – Sticking to even numbers