Nurburgring June 2013: Tourist Experience Tuesday

All previous trips have seen me arrive late the day before a track / TF day, drive the circuit and head home the next day. This time would be different, with Tuesday set aside to soak up being at the Nurburgring. After a full breakfast Neil and I set off to check-in at Rent4Ring

BMW Rent4Ring #R4R
Signing on with Rent4Ring #R4R

Neil’s first opportunity to see and check he fitted into a Swift. Nice to catch up with the Rent4Ring team and be re-united with CU (SC is already worried for when R4R decide to sell it and the inevitable discussion arises)

Rent4Ring Suzuki Stage 2+ Swift
CU Suzuki Stage 2+ Rent4Ring Swift #R4R

Next stop, the castle. For 6 Euros (don’t forget your wallet and have to go back to the car) and a brisk dabble with danger. The likes of which UK health and safety would cry over as you can climb several ‘steps’ and access the very top.

Nurburg Castle
Nice view at the top, Döttinger Höhe to the right

The Eifel region of Germany has a thousand micro-climates all nestled together. This matters more on a day you’re driving. However, the Destination Nurburging Team have signed a deal with someone high up. All DN days have a reputation for being sunny and mostly dry. Neil and I used the closing-in weather as a sign to head for the local town of Adenau, and lunch.

Moody Adenau

With the weather improving a plan was hatched to explore some of the track. Today’s challenge: locate the inside of the Karussel and marshal post 143. We parked at Brunnchen to make a walk of it. For whatever reason the powers that be decided the track was closed today (clean up from the festival we suspected). At no point did we get overly excited and ‘sneak’ onto the circuit.

Ooops, the gate fell open…….
A clever bit of Photoshop
Wippermann was too much for Neilo

Walking along an impressive trail (loads of great Mountain Bike options) we eventually arrived at our destination.

Marshal post #143 - The Karousel
Marshal post #143 – The Karussell

At this point Neil decided the best thing to do was to run the Karussell, as if he were his Dad

Run Forest, RUN!

And then it was time to return to Gastehaus Fuchsrohre for a beer, some GT5 and an early night before the main event. Excitement and apprehension were well and truly brewing!

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The Karousel
The Karussell

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