Design Thinking Practitioner Badge

Observe * Reflect * Make For 2-3 hours investment, there is a lot to be gained from the badge. Even for experienced Agile practitioners. The common language and practical application of agile practices would benefit all.   My top 5 takeaways: 1. WHY, iteratively Asking why three or more times evolves the answer with … Continue reading Design Thinking Practitioner Badge

#Mission To Mars! Easter School Mentoring with Software Cornwall

Last week I volunteered as a mentor for the Code Club Cornwall: Mission to Mars Easter School. It's a great project for teenagers interested in programming, electronics, and computer science. Bert and Ernie, two Arduino-powered robots, offer the participants a chance to program self-driving 'Mars Rovers'. Destined to auto-pilot around the surface of Mars. Functionality … Continue reading #Mission To Mars! Easter School Mentoring with Software Cornwall

Agile On The Beach #AGILEOTB #ATOB 2013 and 2014

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Agile On The Beach 2013. My first Agile Conference and first Tech Conference in Cornwall. As a relatively new team to Agile it was a great launch pad, with lots of great ideas and takeaways to try with my team: Agile should always focus on removing barriers from productivity … Continue reading Agile On The Beach #AGILEOTB #ATOB 2013 and 2014